Monday, November 24, 2008

Suck it Up

I've been looking for a company to clean and sanitise my rugs. I bought my wool rugs from IKEA so that they provide a cushion for any falls by my 10-mth old. One of the rugs, I actually shipped back from the USA since it was a gift from my husband and I absolutely love the design. Anyway, I finally found a company called De'Hygienic. They claim they use organic materials. Got a quote for both rugs, it will be $200 to clean them. WAH!!! Anyway, looks like a necessary expense since my vacuum doesn't have the carpet roller brush to do the job. The photo is a sampling of what will be sucked up from my mattress if I hired them to clean it too. Apparently, the white stuff consists of dust mites and some fibres from my mattress. I'm still not sure if I need to do that. Will see.
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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Is there really a Croc for everyone?

I was intrigued to see a post on the SingaporeMotherhood forum about the recent Crocs Expo Warehouse sale. Apparently, people took about 20-30 mins to shop but had to get in line to pay for 2 hours or more. Siao! Well, I'm a huge fan of comfy shoes so I wish I could get a Croc to fit me. But alas! Every model I've tried is either too wide or too flat toed. You see, I've got a longer second toe so sometimes, closed-toe shoes get in the way. Anyway, my sister introduced me to the most comfy flipflops I've ever worn. They are called FitFlops and they give you a workout when you walk! Sure or not you ask? I don't know but it's comfy, that's all I care about.