Sunday, October 12, 2008

Aircon Shocker

How clean is your air-con? All this black dirt and weird floaters came from my bedroom aircon after we had it chemically cleaned. Yup, shocking isn't it? We've been breathing air that has been so filthy and we didn't even know it. Well, according to Kevin, the aircon expert from Aircon Astiquer, he said that such dirt would usually take about 3-5 years to accummulate but since we're undergoing construction in our block (lift upgrading), this could have contributed to the horrific dirt build-up in less than 2 years. Anyway, what's interesting about this whole thing is I learned a lot about aircons from Kevin. It's rare to have an aircon specialist provide so much advice and know-how. Most I've worked with can't even speak English so half the time, I'm trying to figure out exactly what they are saying. Most of the time, it's vague and general anyway. Kevin is quite unique too, having invented his cleaning machine himself through trial and error over many years, he's confident that using a high pressure water jet to clean aircons is a very effective way. He said that most aircons in Singapore are not cleaned well enough or just cleaned on the surface, that's why he decided he had to take on the challenge of finding a solution to make a difference in the industry. I also found what he said about aircons that are not designed for our kind of humid climate 365 days a year quite true too. Think about it, all the big aircon brands are Japanese or Korean and these countries have seasons. So the aircons R&D are not for Singapore's all-year humid weather too. When Kevin left his card before leaving, I noticed he's an Honor's degree holder mind you, so this is truly his passion. Honestly, his machine made me think of Ghostbusters when I first saw him at the door. It's pretty large, almost as tall as he is. If you want to learn more, go to
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Do you think the aircon guy can
advise on my auto a/c in Florida?
It blows toxic something that
burns my throat and eyes, makes me
dizzy. Last friday 10-17-2008 my
5 year old got a nose-bleed after
a 1 hour drive and both adults
were coughing. Hope you find
health and happiness in Singapore.

Kevin said...

Hi resplendentbe, I'm kevin the aircon guy. I'm not exactly too familiar with car air conditioning. But i hope i can share as much as i know with you. Be it the old (r-12) or new gas (R-410), they are non-toxic, unless you burn them. I'm not too sure if your car is fitted with a heater or not, if it does, a leaking fan coil may cause some trouble. Another possibility is that it has nothing to do with the gas, it could be that something is burning in the aircon fan motor, does it smell like burning? Take care and God Bless!